Sunday, September 11, 2011


The day started early with Roz being picked up at 6:30. I got to his house around 6:15 and started putting his braids up. I also wrapped him and Erin clipped his whiskers and bridle path. We were ready to roll when Tarra and Sharon showed up. Roz loaded right up (as usual) and off we went to pick up Mystic. Mystic too hopped on in and we hit the road. We arrived at the show in plenty of time and got checked in before unloading the boys. We left the ponies with Sharon while we headed out to walk the cross country course. It consisted of 18 fences, of varying heights. We had to weave around the whole field and it was actually a pretty challenging course for an intro event. 

Tarra was up first, and it turned out that they were running 30 minutes late. After she warmed up she spent some time just sitting around. After a good solid dressage test with Mystic Erin and I hurried off to get Roz ready. As we walked down to warm up I realized that I forgot Erin's number. Back to the trailer I went, leaving Erin to walk Roz around under Sharon's supervision. I checked in with the gate keeper on my way back and found out we only had 2 more rides before Erin was up. Since Roz had been trekking around the place all day I set her right to work trotting. He was very forward and bouncy. He warmed up nicely and we moved over to the show arena to wait. Once in he wasn't super round but had a nice consistent test and did what he was supposed to do. 

We hustled back to the trailer to get Roz's tack changed for them to go cross country. Once we had his boots on, saddle pad changed, and switched out our whip we were ready to go. They had a little bit of time to walk around before we started warming up over fences. The arena was empty except for one rider so that was really nice. Roz refused the first crossrail and I was concerned that may set the pace for the rest of the day. I gave Erin a few things to correct and they approached again. Roz jumped no problem. After that they had a nice consistent warm up and he worked really well. Once she was up they trotted through the start flags to the first fence. Roz jumped the first 3 fences happily but refused the 4th fence which was an up bank. When Erin re-presented him to it he jumped right up. The 5th fence was set coming out of the woods and was a 90 degree turn with about 2 strides before the fence. Thankfully it was a very small log and Roz popped right over it. They had a few easy fences before reaching fence 8 which was the largest fence on the course. He had a run out there but jumped right over the second time around. The log "lump" was next and although he had to take a look at it he had no problem jumping. Next was just a weird ramp up on to their bank. Horses had to go up the ramp and just walk back down. I'm thinking they put this in as a schooling opportunity for the horses and riders so they are introduced to the bank. They had one more refusal at the next fence and I honestly think the whole thing was a surprise to Roz. When you watch it in the video you can't even tell he is going to a fence. He just needed a little stronger ride to the few fences he refused and I think they would have done just fine. You can see the "old" Roz really kick in as he is coming to the last fence, and unfortunately they missed the finish flags. They got eliminated but all in all I think it was a great learning experience and I am sure she won't make that mistake again.  

Overall I am so pleased that he is sound and able to continue competing and also that he did what he was supposed to do for Erin. He's really a trustworthy boy and they are just going to do better and better as Erin gains experience doing this kind of thing. 

Ready to go

Let's play!

"Good boy Roz"

So cute

Watching some rides

Roz and his girls

The crew

The gorgeous boy

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