Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good Pony

Rozzy Ridge was a good jumping pony today and Erin enjoyed jumping a few courses on him. I just love watching him work for her. He's so cute and is usually quite good. They are really getting back in to the jumping rhythm and I am excited at their progress. We are really working on them being able to put courses together and to solidify Erin's position over fences so that she can move up. Roz can be quite speedy as the fences become bigger and I would like to be able to give Erin a little more bit on him but she has to be able to use it effectively with out getting in his way.

Yesterday I went with Tarra to her final dressage schooling show of the season. Mystic rocked (as usual) and they got 2 and 3rd in classes of 13 and 16. Not too shabby! We also got to visit with one of the doctors I used to work with. It was really nice to see her. 

I'm still hoping to find a nice sport pony and am waiting on selling Miss Rox. If I don't get her sold by the end of this month and I am hoping to find somewhere to board her so that I can get her started back to work. 

Here are a couple of horses that I have had my eye on. 

This one is a son of Cardi and sold pretty quickly. 

This mare isn't started yet but at least she hasn't had years of bad training

This little haffie is quite cute and is adorable over fences but looks like she needs some more training on the flat and I don't really like her gaits. 

Too bad I don't have this kind of money available. He would be tons of fun!

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