Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Boy!

Roz and Erin have been working hard this week in preparation for the horse show tomorrow. Thursday we learned her dressage test and ran through it a couple times. Last night we practiced our jumping and today I gave Roz a little tune up before working through his test one last time.

Last night was the the hardest jumping schooling we have done with him since February. He was a little bit of a wild child and Erin had to have a bit of a discussion with him about behaving himself. I set up the quarter rounds for them to jump as a "scary" fence. It's probably one of Roz's least favorite fences of all times. He ran out the first time, which I expected him to do. Once he runs out at something he normally just runs to it and jumps. It's like if he can just get over it fast it will be okay. :) He got to take a couple of flying leaps at it before we made him come back and mind his manners. They included it in a couple courses towards the end of the session and Roz was great! The did have one big slip while riding out in the field and I was a little bit concerned that he may have tweaked something. Thankfully he seemed just fine after it happened and felt great this morning.

We keep increasing his workload and he just keeps feeling better and better! I finally feel like we are getting the old Roz back in terms of his gaits and the work he is able to do. I am beyond happy about it! Tonight we will get him all bathed and braided so we are ready for our 6:30am trailer ride.

On another note I got a canvas print made from one of the photos Erica took earlier this summer. It turned out great!

I had to take this at an angle because otherwise there was a glare off of the photo

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