Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not quite ready....

Roz was supposed to be getting his dancin' shoes on tonight but the farrier didn't think he was quite ready to be done. He would have liked to see a little more hoof growth from him, although over all he thought his feet are looking fine. They are holding together just fine and really don't look like they need to be done. He tightened up his nails and is planning to actually come out to do him in 2 more weeks. We discussed putting him on a hoof supplement to increase growth but the only one the farrier recommended is Farrier's Formula as the manufacturer actually has research and science behind it. It would cost another $40 a month and he said I would really need to keep him on it for a year to see the benefits. We discussed waiting for another shoeing cycle or two and then if we feel like we need the extra help with his feet I will go ahead and put him on it.

 One thing I am really looking for in my next horse is something with good feet. I would especially love finding a horse that I can keep barefoot. This is one attraction to a large pony, as I would be thrilled to be able to keep something comfortably barefoot. Roz has decent enough feet (for a thoroughbred) but the farrier even said we are fighting genetics with his feet. It doesn't make me love him any less but it would certainly be nice to have something with hardy feet.

I have found a couple other welsh cob possibilities although they will be a bit of a road trip. Check out the 2 chestnut boys. Who do you like best? 

The next few days will be quite busy as I have 2 horses to work, and will also be doing chores at the barn where I ride.


  1. I love Brymbo.... but I'm a sucker for chrome :)

  2. Great and interesting equine blog. Why not come over and link it to a newly launched Equine Blogging Network It would be great to have your works featured there too for others to follow!

  3. I now have video for both




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