Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weaning Pants

Yesterday was weaning day for Pants and Roxanne. I think it was a sad day for everyone involved. It's one of those things we knew was coming but no one was looking forward to it. April and I were both concerned about how the loading/unloading of Roxy would go since we knew she would be pretty upset. Most of August April did fence line weaning with them; Roxy in one field and Pants next door. They were together at night only. You could definitely see them both becoming more independent of each other and during that time we were able to handle each one separate of the other more easily but knew we needed to make one final, clean break. We decided to sedate Roxy a little bit before moving her to reduce the chances of someone getting hurt and it worked really well! We had a super smooth move. We gave her the sedative and began walking towards the trailer. She loaded right up and Pants had run over to the fence whinnying at her. She really didn't seem to notice and as soon as we got her tied I got on the road. What was heartbreaking was watching Pants race down the fence line after us. It was SO SAD! Once we got home (a 5 minute drive from the barn) Roxy calmly unloaded and looked around her paddock. She has done some screaming for him and seems sad but hasn't been crazy at all. She is supposed to be moving to her new home on Tuesday and I think that will be a lot nicer for her as there will be other horses around. I haven't seen Pants since I took Roxy but I have heard that he is doing fine as well.


  1. First, it was a great surprise to see you last week! Secondly, I am loving the new blog lay out and theme, and pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Yah! It was really nice to see you last week too. I have my fingers crossed that you will get to come to OSU. That would be SO awesome. :) And I'm glad you like the new blog, I'm in a time of transition and figured I might as well transition the blog too. :)


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