Saturday, October 29, 2011

Great Deals and a Great Day

Today was so much fun. I got up early to give Roz a small fall hair cut. 

 Fuzzy wuzzy was Roz. 

I clipped his neck and then took him for a ride in his new bit. He was quite spunky. He was quite annoyed by the whole clipping thing at 7:30am on a Saturday morning so I think that made him a bit more sassy than usual. When we got home I touched up a few missed spots on his neck and turned him back out. 
 The first thing that needs to be done after having to work is a good roll. He got that taken care of....

 And wondered what I was looking at. Isn't he cute in Roxy's pink blanket? 

Then Tarra and I made a trip up to Lake Oswego to the Irideon/Toklat warehouse for their 2nd annual sale. It was so fun! We both found 2 pairs of breeches that were prototypes and were deeply discounted. The first pair was a fleecy winter pair that was $25 (regularly $100); the second was a pair of lite schooling tights $18 (regularly $60). I'd say they were pretty good deals! I also bought 2 pairs of white woof brushing boots for $10 bucks a pair!!! They have a small stained orangeish stripe on each one but nothing that affects their function.  I found a cute red long sleeved t-shirt in their $10 t-shirt bin and of course I had to bring that home too. We refrained from buying saddle pads or cute $10 lavender polo wraps. We both have way too many as it is but those things are so hard to pass up! :) 

After eating at Taco Bell (Tarra's favorite place) we stopped off at Gallops Saddlery to pick up a new pair of pull on bell boots for Roz. 

I went out to ride Mr. Rhythm when we got home. He was super good tonight! He was hardly spooky and is getting a lot softer in the bridle. We practied a few walk to canter transitions and he is starting to get he idea. Our traver at the walk is getting so much better and I feel like I am more organized for it. Sitting the trot is also getting a lot easier for me so that is really nice. It's definitely something that you can get very out of practice on. It was a fantastic day!

Mystic showing off his new $10 woof boots. He looks like a dork. :) 

The good Rhythm pony

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