Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I had a great lesson on Rhythm tonight. Tarra and I have made an agreement to tape each other's lessons once a month so that we can see things that we need to work on. I need to work on my position!!! I'd like to say that will be my goal over the next month or so but really it's probably a year long goal. I have several trouble spots. I look down and I tip my head sideways when I am concentrating, and I don't sit up as tall and straight through my shoulders as I should. I need to get better at wrapping my legs around the horse with me knees and toes in. I need to be able to use my outside leg more effectively. I feel like I can be doing one thing right, like having an active inside leg, but as soon as I have to add my outside leg I lose the work that my inside leg is doing and vice versa. I need to multi task! :) I also sit to the left and collapse through my right side. Probably the only thing that I have working for me is that I have nice quiet hands, and I have become much more effective and strong with them. That being said, these are all fixable things and when I accomplish that I will hopefully be a pretty and effective rider. How cool would that be?! The question is I try to correct everything at once or just get one thing straightened out before concentrating on the next thing.

Tonight we worked on lengthening and collecting the canter, travers, and shoulder-in. I have a video that I will post tomorrow night since I don't have the time to let it upload tonight. The lengthening and collecting at the canter was difficult but was getting better towards the end. It requires a tremendous amount of core strength to accomplish what we want. Dressage looks so easy when it's done well but it actually requires so much! The traver work would have been much easier if I had been able to get my body positioned better. You can definitely see where I was sitting in the wrong spot and not able to get all the pieces put together well. At the shoulder-in I was not riding the shoulders like I need to be but you can see when we got it at the end and it felt great! A quote I saw a couple weeks ago that I am going to strive to be like is this:

"Hard Work Beats Talent, When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard"

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  1. It's great your getting videoed now. It really helps see your progress on video so you know what to fix up next time :)


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