Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Fun

I love Sundays. The only reason why it's not my favorite day of the week is because it is followed by Monday. I love sleeping in, going to church, having lunch with my family, and spending the afternoon at the barn. Today I got to play with Erin and Roz over fences. He was a super star. His hair cut looks decent but I may end up doing more of a full body clip on him considering how sweaty and gross he is getting. I hate body clipping but I love how much easier it is to care for them once they are clipped.

He's not looking bad for an old boy
After riding with Erin, I headed up to the barn to go on a trail ride with Tarra. We enjoyed a nice walk in the forest and it was actually pretty sunny. It's so beautiful up under the trees with all of the different fall colors and the leaves on the forest floor. Next Sunday the time changes and we will be losing an our of light. The next 6 weeks or so will be the hardest. Once we get past the shortest day of the year everyting will be okay.

Cute Pants wearing his blankie outside

Pants and Uncle Bails

The beautiful fall sky

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  1. Great Pictures. !! I think Sundays are the best


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