Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I haven't updated in a little bit because I was with out my computer over the weekend.  I rode Roz on Saturday and he was excellent. I am planning to jump him once a week over the next couple of months. He has changed so much in the years that I have owned him. He was jumping so quietly and was listening so nicely. If I wanted him to add a stride we was right there with me, or a little extra leg and he would find the long spot. I love that horse. I am so thankful that he can still jump. 6 months ago I wasn't  even sure that we would be able to continue riding him, much less be jumping. I am hoping to clip him this weekend as he is getting quite sweaty already. He grows a very thick winter coat!

Roz and I at Devonwood in 2007
The rest of Saturday was spent preparing for a bridal shower for my cousin on Sunday.

Our yummy cupcakes

Monday I received a call that I could ride Rhythm extra this week. I am looking forward to some additional days on him. We had a decent ride tonight, and I get to ride again tomorrow so that will be great!
Pants is getting so big and he is adorable. I will take my camera to the barn tomorrow night to get a better picture of him...but I got a cell phone photo of him wearing his new blankie tonight.

Umm...can you say, cute!?

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