Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hair Cut

I haven't posted in almost a week but I have actually been riding a lot. I rode Roz on Monday, Rhythm on Tuesday, Mystic on Wednesday, lunged Jubilee on Thursday, and then took last night off. I am always tired by the end of the week but I was super duper tired last night. I got up around 8 this morning and went out to the barn to clip Roz. Last weekend I did his neck, but I decided that it really wasn't enough. He is getting pretty sweaty and gross each time we ride and that becomes a major pain. He's such a good boy. I barely had him tied, and he stood quietly for a solid hour for me to clip him. I took him down to the barn for a ride this afternoon and he was a wild child! I'm not sure what I do but I bring out the crazy in this pony. :) I rode him in his loose ring snaffle instead of the twisted full cheek snaffle I have ridden him in the last couple of times we jumped. I definitely should have gone with the bigger bit. He was charging around our fences but I was actually happy to have him be so eager about it. He was nailing his leads over every fence and felt just like he used to. It was quite fun! The plan is to take him to a hunter/jumper show in a couple weeks so I am really making an effort to jump him on the weekends when I ride. 
Isn't he handsome?!

Such a photogenic pony

I took his tack off after riding so that he could roll while I took fences down

Instead he just stood by the gate...wishing he could go home

Still waiting for my slow mom

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