Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hand walking....

We went from an awesome lesson, to trail riding, to hand walking... Rhythm hurt himself in the pasture on Sunday. I went out to ride him on Sunday afternoon and found him dragging his toe along on his left leg. His hock was swollen and he was quite lame on it. The vet check him out on Monday and think he just has a soft tissue injury with 5-10 day recovery period. He is being hand walked and cold hosed twice a day. He is definitely much less lame on it now but it still has a lot of swelling and I do think he is sore on it. Hopefully he will get better quickly. Tarra's pony, Mystic, hurt his mouth yesterday, possibly breaking his jaw. He is hand walking with us too, since he is staying inside until his jaw is xrayed. At least we have a buddy to walk with. :)


  1. Oh no! I hope they get better soon. Funny how they both got injured the same week. Do you know how Mystic hurt his jaw?? I'd love to see those radiographs!

  2. Hey Laura- if you go to Tarra's blog, A Dream Come True (on the right hand side of my blog) you can check out photos of his mouth and blanket bar. His radiograph will be happening on Tuesday so we should know more then.


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