Saturday, November 19, 2011

Horse Addiction

Horses are great; I absolutely love them. But makes no logical sense to own or ride horses. They cost way too much money and just as much time. Although we often experience our greatest highs with them we just as often experience our greatest lows with them. This past week has definitely brought that out with not only Rhythm getting hurt but Mystic too.

 I'm currently at a real in-between point with horses and am trying to figure out the next step. I have been with out my own riding horse (not counting Roz) for almost a year. I would love to get a hardy large pony such as a haflinger or welsh cob but they seem to be few and far between and are also quite pricey. I have come to the conclusion in the last couple of weeks that I do not want to start over with a horse right now, in terms of training. I'd like to find something that's doing at first/second level not intro/training.  I feel like I have spent so much time in the intro/training area and I want to move on. :) Unfortunately, with more training comes a bigger price tag. So where does that leave me? Right where I have been for almost a year. I plan to continue riding Rhythm once he is better, and we'll see where we end up. Right now "my" horse stall is sub-leased to Tarra and I really don't want to kick her out anyway. If another horse in the barn leaves I would be inclined to find something to lease so I can keep my stall, but I don't know how easy that will be. I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I'd love to have a horse to show this summer!!! Tarra sent me this horse a little while ago and I ran across him again tonight. He looks like he would be a blast. Sprite I guess I am still looking for either a pony (somewhat regardless of training if it has talent) or more of a schoolmaster type horse. 

In other news, I rode Rozzy Ridge today and he was great. He's so full of personality it surprises me sometimes. He's really a pony in a horse body. I saw Erin when I first got to the barn and she said he has been pretty spunky this week. I told her it was probably just the crisp cold weather we have gotten. I tacked the silly boy up and off we went to the barn. As we walked down the road he tossed his head and jigged as cars went by; normally he just plods along. He was nicely forward under saddle and I really worked on getting him to move off of my leg. Erin has been struggling with him falling in on his circles, especially at the canter. He was actually pretty good and after a couple strong reminders he was working well. I moved on to schooling leg yields with him. I can really feel the riding that I have been doing on Rhythm paying off. I had a couple of so-so leg yields and finally fixed my circle leading to my leg yield. Suddenly I really had him and when we turned off the wall he gave me a really nice leg yield. It was very cool! I am planning to ride him a few times over the next week and will hopefully get him tuned up for Erin. 

Once we got home I cleaned him up and put one of Roxy's old blankets on him. I wanted a couple of pictures of him in it so when I let him go I followed him outside. Below is the nasty face he gave me as I approached. He was definitely telling me he had already worked once and did not plan to be caught and bothered again. What a naughty boy! That is so part of his personality though and if I had wanted to catch him it would have been just fine. 
Cranky face

Sporting his hand-me-down from Roxanne
I got to hang out with Pants this evening and he is so adorable. I definitely love that pony! April walked him with Rhythm and I tonight. We traded horses so April could watch how adorable Pants is. He arched his cute neck and was trucking right along back to the barn. He puts a smile on my face every time I see him. He's going to be a very fancy dressage pony. I will have to get more pictures again soon. He was 7 months old yesterday!

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