Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Linebacker to Ballerina

Rhythm was awesome last night for my lesson! I am learning so much. We were joking around that Rhythm learning to do dressage is like a linebacker trying to become a ballerina. Even though it has been a struggle at times he is really getting it!

We worked on shoulder-in again and it was so much better! We started to really put different things together, such as leg-yield, to shoulder-in, trot lengthening and then back again. We also continued to work on lengthening and collecting the canter, walk to canter transitions, and even tried a canter to walk transition. The canter to walk transition actually worked out well for us and we got a canter to halt instead.
We also did a some counter canter which was really hard.  The first two times we moved across the diagonal I lost the canter in the corner. The third time I rode his right side a lot stronger and we got it!

I feel like I am physically getting stronger and able to ride more effectively. Tarra taped most of my lesson and in watching it back I was struck by how easy it is beginning to look. It's amazing how much work you can be putting in to something and yet and can look effortless. Rhythm is getting a lot easier to ride as he is getting lighter through his front end and not nearly as strong in the bridle as he was. It continues to surprise me how much continual use of my leg I need to do things well. I feel like I am getting a little bit more coordinated with using my legs while sitting the trot which is a major plus. Overall I was really pleased with my lesson and I am looking forward to our continued progress through the winter.

Lesson Video from November 7th

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