Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rockstar Trail Pony

Tarra and I went trail riding today and we had so much fun!!! We have really nice trail access close to the barn and we were both looking forward to spending some times on the trail. Once out we quickly passed the area where we normally turn around. We decided to continue since we had time and the weather was decent. There is supposed to be some sort of cut through trail that will make a loop back to the forest entrance rather than having to retrace the same trail. The first "shortcut" we found was a dead end...and so was the second... Finally we decided we just needed to start following any trails that led down hill since at some point we should reach a main road. We wandered through an area that they had been logging, then came across some guys walking with a their dogs, and finally saw another "shortcut" looking trail. It was actually marked as a walking/horse trail so we began following that down the hill. At one point it made a 90 degree right turn right through a small stream. It wasn't the most inviting crossing and Rhythm wasn't so sure he wanted to go across. We waited for the poky pony (Mystic) to catch up to see if he would go first. He wasn't very hot on the idea and Rhythm ended up leading across the stream. I was so impressed! We finally made it out to the road and were several entrances down from where we had entered the forest.  I'm guessing we covered 12ish miles today on the poor ponies. Rhythm was so awesome. He led the whole way and was quite brave. I rode him on the buckle probably 85 percent of the time we were out there with out any trouble. I wish I would have had my camera with me. We saw some gorgeous scenery today! 
A cell phone shot of Tarra and Mystic in the beautiful forest

I hadn't gotten a chance to ride since Tuesday because my cousin got married on Friday and I was helping with the wedding. It was a lot of fun but it's also nice to have it done. Here are a few photos.

Heading over to Albany for nails and make-up. Melody has always wanted a mustang so she drove Pony Express

Pretty nails-which I already messed up at the barn today!
Cute purses all lined up at the house

Getting ready

Pretty purple toes and gold shoes

Bridesmaids- We are all related through birth or marriage

Melody and I

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  1. I love having my nails done! But like you, I ruin them too quickly (plus it can get expensive!).


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