Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Party

We had a barn Christmas party last night and it was so fun! Tarra was in charge of games and the first one we played was similar to the show "Newlyweds." Now, I've never seen the show but I understand the concept. You are asked questions and each of you have to answer for yourself and the other person that you are partners with. Questions included

  •  What was your first pony's name?
  •  How many horses have you owned?- I had the most with 10! A couple of those were rescues along with a short term ownership of a couple horses that friends gave to me.
  • How many animals do you own?
  • If you could be or do anything what would you do?
  • What is your comfort food?
  • What is the 1st thing you would buy with a million dollars?
  • How many pairs of riding boots do you have?- Again I had the most 
  • How many horses have you ridden this year?- Yep! I had the most on this one too at 13 horses ridden this year.
  • Would you rather sky dive or ride a bull? -I said sky dive, and of course Tarra said ride a bull
One of the sets of partners were sisters who ended up with 28 points. Tarra and I were 2 points behind them at 26. I think we did pretty good.  We enjoyed some yummy food and wonderful company. I love the barn and all of the great ladies who are involved with it. We are really blessed. 

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