Thursday, December 22, 2011

An Easy Ride

Since Rhythm has gone back out on pasture he has become so much easier to ride! Tuesday he trotted around nice and quietly. Today he started out the same way and I was thinking "who would have ever thought this horse would be easy?" He promptly threw in a big spook...and I promptly got him working harder. :) As soon as I stepped up what I was asking he got right back down to business and we had a great ride. It is really incredible what good training can do for a horse. During all of this "rehab" walking and trotting time I have been putting in on both Rhythm and Rhein I have been trying to really work on my position, specifically my leg position. I tend to turn my toes out while riding and I am working on turning them in ( or at least having them in line with the horses' body). For some reason this is just not easy for me. It's definitely better than it used to be but not as good as I want it to be. Tarra and I were talking about this on Tuesday night when we rode and then Mary brought it up in Tarra's lesson last night. It was interesting since we had just been discussing it. In other news I found a horse to go look at next week. He's a welsh cob cross and is super cute. I am looking forward to checking him out. It would be so fun to have a horse for 2012!

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