Monday, December 26, 2011

How NOT to sell your horse

Tarra and I went on another ridiculous horse buying adventure today. I'm really not sure if we attract the crazies or if there are just way too many crazy people out there. Either way we had a very interesting experience today. We went to look at a green 3 year old horse not to far from us. When we got the barn the trainer (who will be referred to as T from here on out) told us that the horse currently has a cold but he's getting better. She took us to his stall and commented that his stall wasn't cleaned yesterday since it was Christmas after all. Merry Christmas horses, right!? She greeted him in stall by calling him "Spaztastic." Not because he is really spazzy but he is a 3 year old after all. She said he hasn't been out of his stall since Friday and hasn't been ridden since Thursday. We moved to the cross ties where she proceeded to get him ready. She couldn't find a girth to fit him, and generally had trouble finding any of his tack. His tail was full of shavings, his forelock had cockle burs in it. I asked for him to be lunged so I could watch him move with out the interference of a rider. T said that was not a problem, as she always likes to lunge the young horses to set them up for success. Once in the arena she adjusted his tack and clipped on the lunge line. He was promptly chased onto a circle, and T continued to chase him around for a few minutes. So much for any sort of warm up or stretching out for a horse that has been in it's stall for 3 days! The riding was not any better, with a lot of sitting trot on a young horse who is only 45 days under saddle. His canter was really not there. As she was riding his nose began to run and he was licking his snot as he went around almost the entire time. I really felt so bad for the horse as he did seem to be a sweetheart. Part of the way through the ride he didn't get his hind legs set down right and took a few steps on both hinds, over on the front side of his foot and his pastern. I tried to find a picture but I can't seem to find one. It really struck me as some sort of neuralgic thing. While I was riding, he almost fell down losing his hind end again. Besides how poor the showing was in general, that definitely sealed the deal. The whole thing was really shocking considering that this is a "horse professional" hired to sell this horse.

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  1. Im telling you... we could totally start a business!


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