Saturday, December 17, 2011


Why is being patient so hard!?! I feel like my patience is being test lately in a variety of ways. I am waiting on all sorts of things right now. I am waiting on answers from people, waiting on horses to heal, and waiting on my savings account to grow so I can buy a new horse. It is not my strong point and I am really not enjoying it. One day I feel like I am totally fine with waiting (on all of these things) and the next I think I may need to scream.

Rhythm got to go back out on pasture today, so hopefully he is just fine and ready to go back to real work. I am looking forward to that since we were finally making some really good progress before he got hurt. We have a lesson planned for Thursday. Even though he has been hurt the past month I have actually been riding quite a bit since I have been riding him for rehab for the past two weeks, along with riding Roz on the weekends and getting to ride Mystic last weekend. I hopefully have lost very little in the way of my riding fitness during his lay off and we can pick back up close to where we left off.

Hopefully I will have many of my loose ends nailed down by the first of the year and can start making a real game plan for 2012. Yah!

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