Thursday, January 5, 2012

Always learning

Rhythm and I had a lesson tonight. It was our first one in 2 months! For as much time as we have had off, and the fact that we are still in rehab mode it was super good. We are really beginning to demand a soft connection from him, all the time. I get easily sucked in to having a longer, softer rein and letting him go around like that. He is perfectly happy there and it's the spot where I feel less resistance. I have noticed before that Roz is the same way. When you challenge them to take more contact and to be put together tighter they don't like it, and in Rhythm's case, at least at the walk he just tries to stop on you. This is something I need to continue working on with both horses. I need to not let them suck me in, and not settle for mediocre work. We also worked on finding a really consistent rhythm to our work and slowing everything down. We have played around with travers a few times before and got the most we have ever gotten tonight. For some reason it's really hard for me to get in the right position for this one, and I wasn't asking for enough bend through his neck. Once we worked on that a little bit it got better. Also, once we finished working on that and were just doing sitting trot he had gotten a lot lighter and easier to ride.

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