Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beautiful Day

 I started out this beautiful January day riding Roz, as is my normal Saturday routine. I walked him up into the forest trails near his house as a nice long 15 minute walk warm up. He was trucking right along up the trail but as soon as I turned him around he slowed to a snails pace. I think he was enjoying the time outside. Once we got to the arena I was able to put him right to work. He is becoming more responsive and has been working pretty well for me. I jumped him today as well. It was just a cross rail but I like to keep it in the back of his mind that he can jump, and I also know he enjoys the change. For how little he has been jumping he was quite good. He is always very forward to the fences but normally when he has had some time off of jumping he's wild when we start back up. Not today! I think he is finally growing up, at 19 years old.  

 After riding Roz, I headed up to NDF to ride Rhythm. We had a good ride, and enjoyed the January sunshine we saw today. Since his hock injury we haven't been doing a lot of cantering, but have gradually been adding it back in. We did the most canter work we have done in a while and he felt great. Our traver is really getting better to the right but the left is so much harder. I think it's mostly me since I tend to sit right. I try really hard to sit to the left but I feel like no matter what I do I get thrown back to the right. Hmm...good thing we have a lesson on Thursday! 
Pants was "my child" today as he is eating is pasturemates' tail! Anytime he is naughty he is mine. :) 
 We had our first lamb of the season on the farm.  Of course I had to take my new camera outside to capture the day. We should have more lambs in the next week.

Isn't he cute?

My kitty, Patience

Annie May

Paddi, staring the cat down

My old 4-H ewe Princess. She will be eleven this fall and has earned a life of retirement on the farm.  The horses aren't the only ones who think of me as the treat lady. :) 

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  1. Awesome pics :) Sounds like you had some really good rides!!


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