Monday, January 16, 2012

A Day at the Races

We enjoyed a fun day at Portland Meadows. Thankfully the weather cooperated enough and we were able to go. They had just finished the Quarter Horse races when we got there, which was perfect timing in our minds. One of the QH races was 350 yards!

 The first race we watched number 2 was my favorite horse while being saddled. His name is Oh Wilson and he won! :) Yah!

#4 is a Seattle Slew Grandson (like Roz) named Inspector Shamus
#2 with the win!
Other horses getting ready to race. This one was a little excited
Then, while Tarra was down watching horses be saddled, one of the security guards told her that she and her friend could come stand right by the track for the next race. He let us come up by the winners circle and explained various things about the track before the race started. He shared with us that a security guard has to be present for every horse that is euthanized. He was with one a couple of months ago and he told the owner he was sorry about the loss of the horse. The owner responded that it was property and not a pet, before walking away. I was surprised that he would share that with us since it definitely casts a poor light on race horse owners, although I know they don't all share that view.

This photo was taken right down on the rail (while it was pouring down rain). We moved back inside for the next race. :) 
This is a 13 year old gelding who has raced 108 times and won 160k+ How amazing is that?
His name is Seattle Sailor Boy
I think this was our favorite horse of the day, an 8 year old gelding named Platinum Katillac. Isn't he handsome?!
The birthday girl waiting for the race to start
Our 2 favorites at the end of the race- Seattle Sailor Boy didn't place very well.
Platinum Katillac got 2nd!
A couple of things that struck me about the whole experience, are 1: these horses have really bad ground manners. Most of them just haul their handler along. I can definitely relate to being on the end of a few of my track horses (most recently Pretty) with them having no real respect for what you are doing. Secondly, I can't believe that all but one or two horses are run on bute and lasix. I'm not really sure why they need to be run with those things on board...

On a sad note, I found Miss Pretty up for sale on dreamhorse. If anyone is looking for an athletic prospect and missed out on her the first time around I'd be happy to talk to you about her.

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