Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quality Time

I got to spend some quality time with Mr. Rozzy Ridge today. I pulled his mane and took him to the arena next door to roll and play. He rolled three times and ran around a little bit. He looked super sound trotting around and I was happy to see that. Once he got his sillies out I loaded him up for a trip to NDF. We had a riding date set with April. Roz was better for her this time around and I could see that the work I have been doing with him is starting to pay off. It's amazing how much better he goes since I have learned to ride him better. :) 

Pants following the big ponies, Rhythm and Roz, up the driveway

Racing around in the sun. We have had major flooding around here so the horses were in for the past few days. 

Rozzy Ridge and April

Fancy Pants


I love this pony

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