Saturday, February 4, 2012

Crisp and Frisky

After snow, and extreme rain and flooding, we finally have some gorgeous sunny weather here in Oregon. It was a crisp cool morning as I tacked Roz up and set off for the arena. He was wired and pranced his way up the driveway and along the road. I decided to walk him in the forest as a warm up before going to the arena. He was marching happily along at this point and when I turned him for home (after about 10 minutes) he slowed way down....okay, apparently he wants to really go on a trail ride. I turned him back up the trail and off we went. We are lucky enough to have beautiful forest trails to ride on through out the year. I used to take Roz up there all the time when I was eventing him as I used it for conditioning. Today was much more of a relaxing outing together. The sun was peeking through the trees, his hoofs rhythmically clopping on the trail, and the birds were singing. It's hard to beat that kind of morning with an old friend. Our trail ended up leading to a dead end. On our way back I noticed a sign that said the trees were planted in 1992. That was the year Roz was born so I turned him around to take a photo with the sign. 

We ran in to several people on our way back who all remarked over the horse. The first lady was hiking with her dog talking on her cell phone. I had stopped Roz because I heard her talking and they were going to cut across our trail at any moment. She came out of the trees and didn't even see us. Suddenly she looked up and put her cell phone down apologizing for not paying attention. As soon as got of the road she went back to her conversation saying she had just ran in to a horse, "well it had a rider!" It made me laugh. The next person I ran in to was asking me how my "horsey" was and that he was beautiful. Umm...okay. Next up was a woman with two dogs who said that "he or she seems very calm." Why, yes, he is a very calm horse. It made me think about what a novel thing horses really are to a lot of people. They seem so common to me but a lot of people don't know much about horses. 

Nearing Roz's house on our walk back
Once we got back to the barn I decided to let Roz go out naked today. If I was a horse I think it would be wonderful to get a day where I didn't have to wear a blanket. Of course he immediatly went outside to roll.

With that taken care of he was ready to go out in the field 

Such a photogenic pony

And this is how I left him, peacfully eating from his hay pile. I'm not sure you could find a happier horse.

And the lambs outside enjoying the sun. Aren't they adorable? 

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  1. Gorgeous photos :) Sounds like you guys had the best kind of ride!!


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