Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Earning Every Inch

I had an interesting ride on Rhythm last night. In many ways we improved upon the stuff we did in my lesson on Thursday but, he was really spooky which made the ride more difficult. I focused on doing the little things well, such as: riding into my corners, demanding nice transitions and incorporating a lot of transitions into our work. Using more seat and less hand in the transition is making a huge difference! I have been doing a little bit of practice riding down the center line to halt and salute. Previously he would swing his haunches (mainly right) when I asked for a halt. By using my seat he stays much straighter and our transition is much nicer. We continued to work on being able to maneuver him around at the canter, using counter flexion and getting him nice and straight. The very shallow counter canter loop is getting easier and I felt like I had more control over how he was positioned. I ran through first level test 1 and realized that I am going to have to ride very well. Rhythm knows how to do everything but doesn't volunteer his knowledge. Not that I truly expect him to do the work with out my direction but if I let something slide for a moment he takes full advantage. I'm not really used to riding a horse that makes me work that hard! Roz isn't an easy ride but even when he isn't being super good he looks okay. Overall it's good for me, I know it is, but it's definitely very hard work. I have been throwing in walk to canter transitions every once in a while with Rhythm and he gave me the best one yet last night! We will keep working hard and hopefully our first show will go well.

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