Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lesson Thursday

It was a lesson Thursday for us. Rhythm is coming right along. He is really becoming so fun to ride! Our first level work is pretty solid at this now I just need to ask for more of everything so that we can continue on to second level. I tend to be on the nice side with my horses, not always asking enough from them. I have gotten better (I think) but need to continue to expect more, especially once my warm up is complete. I also need to be really conscious of where I am sitting and where my legs are. There's always something! We got our best trot lengthenings ever tonight. Mary rode him on Monday and worked  on him being more obedient in the bridle through his lengthenings. They were so much easier to ride tonight and by the end he was really reaching in to them. We worked a lot on transitions with in and between gaits. The key being the word transition rather than an abrupt change between gaits. One thing we added tonight was using my breathing to aid in the half halt. I was supposed to exhale for a half halt as that tightens up your stomach muscles. It definitely worked and I could feel his gaits changing as we used it. We got traver both directions at the trot tonight. We also started practicing walk to canter transitions. 3 weeks until our first show! Overall it was a really solid lesson, with some things that need continued improvement and elements that are finally coming together.

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