Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moving on

I read a blog post today by that I can totally relate too (read here). It reminds me so much of my situation with Roxy and some of the feelings that I had. I still wish that things could have turned out differently with Roxanne and I feel responsible for the problems that we had. There are always so many "what ifs." What if I had noticed her saddle fit sooner, what if I had been a little more fearless, what if I had turned her over to a professional. I don't regret moving on but I do think of what might have been. I came across this picture over the weekend of my first bareback ride on her. It was probably taken a month or so after I got her, and she was 2 months off the track at that time. I'm seem to remember some peer pressure from a certain Tarra Gakstatter who told me I should get on her bareback....

In the end, I ride for pleasure, and if it's just not fun because I'm worried about what my horse is going to do next, or getting hurt, or fighting the next battle then it's not worth it. I want to enjoy and trust the horse that I am riding. It was definitely a hard decision and a very sad day when I said goodbye to Miss Rox, but in the end I believe it was the right decision for me. I will never regret rescuing her from the feedlot or the time we spent together. She taught me a lot and brought me in contact with a lot of people that I may never have me with out her. We certainly wouldn't have ever had Pants if not for her (and her wild antics).  

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  1. Haha Im not sure what your talking about!! I agree with what you said though. Although not the same situation that was Tolo and I. Like I have told you 1000000 time before its not your fault. love you :)


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