Saturday, February 18, 2012


I rode Mr Roz today and realized one of our biggest problems is obedience/submission. The more time I spend on a horse with real training the more I see the holes that Roz has. I know I am totally to blame for that and am putting the time in now to try to fix those problem areas. I have learned so much in the almost 6 years I have had Roz and most of what I have learned has been in the last couple of years when I have been riding him a lot less. If I had known then, when I know now, I think he could have been a nice little dressage horse.

I normally ride him on Saturday and Sunday. With the days getting longer my goal is to add Monday and Friday to my regular Roz days. This will get him back to working 6 days a week and will hopefully give him enough consistency to start making progress. The other two days a week he is ridden by a 12 year old, who is a good rider but doesn't demand very much from him. Of course, he isn't going to work any harder than he needs too, so he puts in the minimum effort. He was not easy to start tonight but by the time I was finished he was working a lot better.

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