Thursday, February 9, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

Well...practice may not make "perfect" but it should make things better! I had a very good ride on Rhythm tonight and also got to ride with Tarra and Mystic for the first time in almost 2 weeks. It's always more fun when my partner in crime is out there too! I looked over First level test 2 and I like it better than test 1. It seems to flow better and make more sense in my mind. I asked Tarra to video my initial run through tonight just to see how it looks. We definitely have room for improvement but it wasn't bad. Riding in a test really requires me to stay a step ahead as the movements seem to come a lot faster than when I am just schooling on my own. Our leg yields were not as good as they can be and I missed a canter lead. I also think I need to ask more especially in our canter lengthenings. I'm a little bit hesitant because I need to be able to bring him back in the corner and it doesn't feel like I have a lot of room to do that. I also made a mistake at the end of the test and went to the wrong side of the arena to do my half circle to the leg yield so I ended up coming down the center line the wrong direction in the end. Oh well. That's why it was practice. I get to ride Rhythm the next two days so it will be nice to continue our work.

First level test 2- Round 1

Look for the new and improved test ride March 10th after our first show.

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