Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Seeing Roxanne

I got to see Roxanne today! She was at my work being checked prior to breeding. It was so fun to visit with her. Her mane is longer, her tail is shorter and she grew a fuzzy winter coat. :) I raided the fridge last night and brought her an apple and carrot. She was happy to eat her treats and be loved on. She might be back next week so hopefully I can visit with her again. She is getting ready to be bred to an appaloosa stallion for an appy sport horse foal. It should be adorable; I hope it has spots!

I had a great ride on Rhythm tonight. We got our best trot/canter transitions ever today. His canter is getting so much better. I'm really looking forward to my lesson Thursday night. We only have 2 more until our first show.


  1. Ah! That's so awesome! I'm glad you got to see her :)

    You'll have to let me know which day she is coming in next week, maybe I can say hi to her too since I'll be on LASx for the next month! (Wish me luck on that...)

  2. I will try to let you know if/when I find out. I was in Receiving every afternoon Thursday-Tuesday and I never saw you! Good luck with LASx. I'm sure you will do just fine.

    1. Sounds good! I'm on cardiology this week and last, which means we hardly ever submit samples! Actually, I haven't submitted any since oncology... haha! Hopefully I'll run into you soon though! I did see Dr. B this week because of Belle getting some tests done in cardio though, so that was nice.


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