Friday, March 23, 2012

Fun in the Sun

After our crazy snow this week we had a beautiful, sunny, Friday! I had taken the day off work to attend the NW Horse Fair and Expo with Tarra. We found a couple of great deals at the Gallops Saddlery shopping booth and we got to watch the cutest mini-donkey showcase. We have decided that we need driving mini-donkeys.
This one was being driven by a kid and was super speedy. 
This was a young one, around 8 months old.
The cute collection of mini-donkeys.
 When we got done at the expo I took Roz down to the arena to see how he looks. He was a bit of a dork walling down the road, but I expected that since he has been on "paddock rest" the past 2 weeks. He looked decent on the lunge line, a bit off but that was to be expected. As it is the cut is not all the way healed and I'm sure it's uncomfortable as it is stretched when he moves.

Is that a cute pony or what!?
 When we got back the barn I decided to give him a couple of hours on the pasture. I was really hoping he wouldn't run around since I had just finished working him. He was SO happy to have grass to eat and I don't think he did anything other than eat the whole time he was outside. It's supposed to start raining again so I figured I should take advantage of the sunny day. He is going to continue to stay locked in his paddock for another week or two. We'll see what the weather does and how his cut is looking.  I plan to take him walking on the trails the next couple of days and then will take him back down to the arena to lunge sometime next week.

Video of him on the lunge line today-
This is the very best his tail has ever looked. It took six long years but it's finally respectable! 

One happy horse

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