Thursday, March 8, 2012

If it's not one thing it's another

It all started out like a normal day...until I checked my cell phone during my morning break at work. I had a text message and 2 voice mail messages from Roz's lease family. He had a cut on his foot this morning and was limping. I debated what I should do and tried to get a hold of Tarra. She didn't have her phone with her but replied a while later that she would head right out to check on him. A short while after that I received the call that I really should come look at him. He didn't want to walk and although the cut was bleeding it didn't seem very big. Sure enough, when I got there he was trying to rest his right front. I cut his bell boot off and saw that his pastern was hot and swollen as well. He was also quite tender to the touch. The vet was called and we waited.  While we were waiting Tarra and I visited and I realized that this is the first emergencyish vet call I have ever had for Roz. That's a pretty good record over 6 years!

It turns out he has a fairly large cut on his coronet band. We checked to be sure that the cut didn't communicate with the joint capsule in his foot. Thankfully, it doesn't. For know he has a wrapped up foot, is on bute, and antibiotics. He also needs to stay in his stall for the next day or two, and then his paddock. It's a pretty big gash and may take a while to heal up. At this point we expect him to be off work for a couple of weeks. What I wonder is how in the world he managed that kind of cute WITH bell boots on. Silly boy. On the upside, he was sedated while the vet was out and I got to pull his mane!

Owie foot

Getting sleepy

A little bit cranky he is inside

All bandaged up

His cute (short) mane


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