Friday, March 9, 2012

Next time...

Next time the vet asks if I would like to pay more for injectable antibiotics my answer will be, YES! I was asked if he is a picky eater and he can be a little bit, but normally if you leave his feed long enough, even mixed with something he doesn't like, he will eat it. I put his 3 scoops of antibiotics in his grain last night and although he ate his grain there was probably a third of it still in his feeder. This morning I left his supplements out and just mixed his grain in with the remaining powder. I bought applesauce on the way to work and decided I would just use that to syringe his meds in tonight. It didn't really go over that well. Tomorrow we are going to try the grain again. On the upside, he does appear to be much more comfortable today and was moving around happily.

It's a lot easier to see the cut skin in this photo from today

Antibiotic, applesauce mix

Me wearing the lovely mixture

The sad pony wearing it too
On another note, Tarra and I had a tack cleaning party at the barn. It's hard to beat pizza, pepsi, a movie, and good company. Three hours later I think we are mostly ready. Tarra wanted to pose as number 1's and although I think she was thinking blue ribbons with this pose I can think of many firsts that it represents. It's my first show in almost 2 years. It's my first time riding First level at a show. It's Rhythm's first show ever. It's our first show together.'s the first show Tarra and I have competed at together 2 years. I'm guessing it will only get better!


  1. Hope Roz keeps getting better and suffers through the applesauce and oat concoctions like a champ ; )

    And here's hoping for a first at your "first's" show!!

    Just one Q...why is there a woman's dress shoe in his stall??!

  2. It's my shoe. I had just stopped by on my way home from work and changed into my paddock boots, that live at the barn. I was standing outside of his stall when I took the picture.


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