Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Problem Children

When I arrived at the barn last night I found Rhythm with a banged up leg. It's certainly not bad but it looks like he kicked the inside of his right hind. He has a small scrape and it's puffy. I cleaned it up and hopped on him to see how he felt. He was slightly off. He stayed inside today and his leg was bigger tonight. I cold hosed it for 10 minutes, took him for a 20 minute walk, and wrapped his legs. Hopefully it will look better tomorrow!

Then, I stopped to feed Mr. Roz. He has continued to stay in his paddock since he got hurt. When I was applying ointment to his cut tonight I noticed that he pulled a shoe on his left front. Ugh! I'm grounded for the time being....which I suppose is just fine since I have 2 horses that need medical attention. 

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