Thursday, March 1, 2012

Show Countdown

We have less than 10 days until our first show. Tonight was a lesson night which was nice preparation for the show next weekend. Horses have been in the last couple days due to nasty stormy weather and some snow today. He definitely came out more resistant than normal but it was good horse show practice. I need to be more stay a little more on top of him and be more insistent in telling him that he has to stay down and round. Given a choice he pops up and tightens up across his back. The longer we worked the better he got, and by the end we were lengthening and and shortening his stride at the trot on a circle with him staying round and down. We were really getting it and he felt wonderful! We also addressed our trot/canter transitions as this is one of his biggest sticking points. Again he tries to pop up, tighten his back, and drag you into the canter. They are getting better but I really need to keep on him and ride every step to nail those transitions. At the walk we worked on picking him back up from a loose rein to contact. My first attempt was too quick and forceful and he was not a happy camper with it. What we decided on is a tactful 2 step approach were I pick him up some, soften him, and then put him together a little tighter. This seemed to work quite a bit better for us. We worked on some leg yields and unfortunately they were not super good. I could either get him to cross over with his shoulder popped out or if I had him straight (or counter flexed) he wasn't crossing over. It's always something! That will definitely be something we work on this week. We did traver at the trot both directions, and then tried a little bit of half pass right. It fell apart at the end leaving me saying "Oh dear." It's definitely something to work towards. :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice ride, good luck at the show.


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