Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I had a good ride on Rhythm last night. Our half-halts are making a huge difference in the work that I am getting from him. Our canter transitions are finally becoming more consistent. We also got good leg yields last night! They have been lost since our last show...but they have finally been found. Since I have him connected a lot better he is not able to get away from me. Previously, he was either just charging on ahead or throwing his shoulder to the wall. 

Miss Pretty continues to improve. Her skin seems to be getting better, and she may be gaining weight. While she was soaking today, I worked on getting her to stop pawing. I ignored her while she was pawing but as soon as all 4 feet were on the ground she got a click and treat. I definitely need to keep working on that with her. But, once I started hosing her off she actually stood still! It's the first time that she hasn't danced back and forth the whole time I'm working on her. I was super happy with that. I hope we made a real connection that standing still is the right thing to be doing. 

Just tonight, I had asked April what kind of ideas she had for how much she moves around, particularly when I am hosing off her left side. She usually moves way up into the corner of the wash rack with her rump, and almost gets to where she could twist all the way around in the cross ties. Although she doesn't do anything stupid it's just not a safe position for either of us. I try to hose as much as possible from her right side over to her left but that only works for so long. April noted that she definitely seemed anxious while I worked around her. I will just have to keep working to reinforce when she is doing the right thing, and hopefully make her feel more comfortable about the whole thing. The weather is supposed to be nicer over this weekend so the Little Miss is going go outside for real turn out over the weekend. She is going to love it. 

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