Friday, April 6, 2012

Dancin' Shoes

Miss Pretty got her dancin' shoes on today and her feet look so much better! It had only been about a month since her feet were last done but they were not done well. Auntie Tarra was super awesome and held her for me since I had to be at work. The report I got was that she was pretty good, but definitely ADD, and very nervous. I was pleased to hear that she was decent, and I'm sure it will only get better from here on out. 
Her legs are starting to look better
She's going to get her legs clipped tomorrow. Hopefully that will also help speed up the healing process. She was much better tonight for her scrubbing up. I washed her back with her soap a bit more diluted, so then I was able to just pour it over her back and scrub her up from there. That sped us up a little bit and then made her easier to rinse. We played with her clicker again tonight and she really does understand that she has to put her nose on the bottle. She was nudging it like crazy tonight, would stop for the treat and go right back to it. I think she is a smarty pants! She also got a click and treat several times for standing still in the cross ties, and being way better for me to use a spray bottle on her body when were done. 
Enjoying some time in the sunshine eating grass

Doesn't she have a beautiful face? I love her pink nose and sweet eyes.

And of course I had to take a couple photos of Fancy Pants. 

 The super cute Baby Pants

I had a funny encounter with a co-worker today. I was asked if I got to ride last night, and I responded that I had a lesson. Here it comes..."you take riding lessons?" You can see the wheels turning as they consider the fact that they always thought you knew how to ride. Then I try to explain but saying that I want to learn to ride better, which makes them think you are an even worse rider than they did when you first told them you take riding lesson. It's just too hard to explain to a non-horsey person. Does anyone else ever hear this?


  1. she has such a cute face!

    haha people always say to me "wait you started riding when you were 8, rode in college and have had how many horses and you still take lessons?!?!?!"... yes it is dealing with a live animal that is always needing refining and a rider who is human and always needing instruction/a set of eyes on the ground. I will take lessons as long as I live hehe

  2. Glad I'm not the only one to get those kind of comments. It's hard to explain to non horse people. :)


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