Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 2

Miss Pretty is settling in well. She got to spend a couple hours outside this afternoon in the sunshine! She was happily grazing when I got to the barn. According to April she ate 4 flakes of hay this morning and scarfed up her grain. We are going to get her fattened up in no time! Most everything I have read says that horses in poor nutritional condition are much more susceptible to rain rot.

 I scrubbed her up again and put a blanket on her this evening. She was pretty good for her clean up today. She is impatient in the cross ties, particularly when I leave her for a minute. She paws and scoots around but that's about it. Another thing I have noticed the past two days is that she wants to move her bum over towards me while I'm scrubbing on her. When I put a hand on her to make her stop she is fairly responsive. I think mainly she is just busy and moving around with out paying a lot of attention to where I am at. I washed up her tail this evening and trimmed it. It looks a lot better! My next project is to tackle her mane. I have a good ten minutes every night while she soaks so I am going to chip away at it. 

Trotting over to see me
Isn't that a sweet face?
"What'cha looking at?"
Wearing her nice blankie from Auntie Tarra

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