Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good or Bad?

What's the difference between a good hair cut and a bad hair cut? About 2 weeks. At least that's what April told Pretty. I think it may take more than 2 weeks to make Pretty's hair cut a good one...but I suppose we can classify it as "good" if it helps eliminate her skin issues. I clipped up her legs and her back today. She wasn't super thrilled with her legs being clipped and kept stomping as I worked. I was going back and forth on clipping her back but decided to start it and see how she was. Surprisingly, she was way better for her back. I'm planning to take her over to the arena to lunge her tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how she does. 
Can you take this off now!?
Her silly clipped legs

Nasty skin on her rump
I took Roz down to the barn today to see how he looks. He is definitely stiff and seemed a little off on his left front, which is the one he pulled the shoe on. I'm planning to wait a couple days and re-check him. We are going to start putting him back out on the pasture and I think the extra movement will help him. I stopped by his house tonight to give him an hour out on the pasture. When I came back I put all of his feed in his stall, hoping to entice him in....Seeing that enticing him wasn't going to work I rolled up the legs on my sweat pants (so they didn't get wet) and headed out to get him. I grabbed a hold of his mane and pulled, and pulled, and finally reached down to pick his head up out of the grass. We had to stop 2 more times for a quick mouthful but once I got him to his paddock I let him go and he headed right in. He was a very good boy for coming with me with a handful of mane as my only control.

My Annie May hanging out in the sun with me today.

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