Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Return of Pretty Line

Some of you may remember Pretty, a mare that I rescued back in July. You can read the beginning of her story here. She ended up coming back to me today and is sadly not in very good shape. She is on the thin side and has rain rot and scratches. She is going to be quite a project but I'm sure we can get her fixed up. She loaded and hauled very quietly and came off the trailer totally calm. She definitely seems to have grown up since I had her last. I will be working to get her healthy and will hopefully start lunging her in a week or two. Also, the person who purchase Pie from me used clicker training with him and said that it made a huge difference. I'm planning to play around with it on Pretty and see how it goes. It should be fun! 
Cute blazed face
She's thin but we will get her fixed up
Rain rot
Full body shot. I should have help with the camera in a few days and can hopefully get some better photos.
She basically has rain rot all over her topline and down her rump

She has a rub on her withers too....
Her sad legs

Her cute face again
Eating in her stall after her medicated scrubbing


  1. oh man... i am glad you got her back! She's in good hands now! :)

    What happened for her to get back into rough shape :(

  2. Poor Pretty, I'm glad she's in good hands again.

  3. I'm really not sure what happened, except that the girl I sold her to was having trouble taking care of her. :(

  4. so sad... but thank goodness you got her back!!!


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