Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back in the Saddle

I rode Pretty tonight! Initially I planned to ride her on Saturday but we had a little issue in the cross ties. I had her cross tied in her stall and had groomed her before putting her saddle on. I decided to make one quick stop the porta potty before taking her out to the arena. Tarra was across the isle with Mystic and I asked her to keep and eye on Pretty. I had just sat down in the porta potty when I heard her pulling back in the cross ties. By the time I got back in the barn she was loose walking around her stall with Tarra at the door. She came out of her stall lame. I took her over to the arena to walk her around to see what if she would walk out of it. She definitely got a lot better but trotted lame even after some walking. We gave her some bute and I left a note for her to stay inside on Sunday. Thankfully, she trotted sound on Sunday. I think she must have just banged her leg and it hurt for a little bit but she was actually fine.

Monday night we re-visited the cross ties and wouldn't you know she was an angel. She stood super quietly while I fussed over her. I was glad that she wasn't freaked out about it. Tonight I got smart and had Tarra hold her while I saddled her just in case that was the problem on Saturday. I think that may have been the issue as she walked around her stall looking a little bit panicked after I finished putting her saddle on. I'm not sure why it should be an issue since I know she has been saddle many times, I think we are just going to have to be quiet and patient with her so she knows it's nothing to fear. 

I lunged her a bit before hopping on. The good (and bad) about a thoroughbred is that they are difficult to really tire out. Luckily, I wasn't lunging her to make her tired, just work the kinks out and get her warmed up. I was careful getting on her but she didn't seem at all concerned. We walked around for a while, chatting with Tarra and watching Mystic work. She is very narrow, especially compared to all the other horses I normally ride. She feels a little bit like riding a toothpick but I think once I adjust to her we will be just fine. She was responsive but wasn't too jumpy either. I think one of my own personal challenges with her is going to be making sure I use my leg enough. When it's just hanging around her it really doesn't even touch her body, and I don't think she is going to particularly love it either. 

It's so weird to go back to a green bean! Her steering isn't very good and there are just so many "unknowns" with them. I'm sure it's going to be quite an adventure. 

In other news, Pant's went his 3rd horse show and came home with another blue ribbon! He got a 72.5 at his last show and received a 77.7 at this one!

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