Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Beach

Tarra and I finally got to take horse to the beach again. We last went in July and have planned to go on Memorial Day for the last month or two. It was really up in the air what horses we would ride. We were going to take Tarra's two (Mystic and Sky) but then Sky ended up going lame. Then we were talking about taking Pretty, but that was the day she pulled back in the cross ties and came up lame. Finally I decided that Roz could go since we could just walk and the footing is good over there. Then he came up dead lame Wednesday morning. All of the horses did end up recovering with in a weeks time and after trotting Roz in hand Friday night I said he could go.

I was running around all scatterbrained Saturday morning. Making the last minute horse decision I hadn't gathered anything together for our trip. Roz hasn't really been ridden since the beginning of March so most of his tack is up with Pretty. I couldn't find his twisted full cheek snaffle I wanted to use, just in case he was being nutty. I ran to his house to groom him, put his boots on, and feed him breakfast. Then it was back home to look for that bit one more time, grab a clean saddle pad, and head up the road to pick Mystic up. I got there at 8:45 which is actually when we planned to be leaving. Tarra was still braiding Mystic's mane and was more scatterbrained than I! 

I got our tack loaded while she finished up and off we went to grab Roz. By the time we got back to Roz, less than an hour after I had been there, he had rolled again and was covered in dirt. I cleaned him up quickly and we headed out to the trailer. He was almost dragging me to it and jumped right in. Finally, we had to stop at Tarra's house because she couldn't find her helmet and thought it might be at home. She was able to find it and we hit the road. 

The boys were superstars once at the beach. Roz was totally chill about the whole thing and Mystic was so much better about the waves the 2nd time around. We walked down the beach for quite a while before stopping to take some pictures. As we moved on I told Tarra I'd like to trot Roz, just to see how he feels. Off we went, and wouldn't you know he felt great! I'm sure it's due to the soft footing but he felt fantastic so we continued on up the beach for a little ways. I did canter him both directions a little bit as well. It was so nice to be on his back again! On our way back towards the trailer Tarra found a log to jump so Mystic got to practice his log jumping skills. He was awesome! When we were almost back both horses slowed way they had just run out of energy. Once we got back to the trailer we realized we had been riding for 2.5 hours. No wonder they were tired. I'm so glad I got to take Roz and that he felt so good. What a blessing!

Getting ready

I love this pony!
The two good boys strolling down the beach

Taking in the ocean air

Roz needed a nap after watching Mystic run around

Mystic flying over the log

Tarra cuddling with Roz
When we got home Tarra helped me practice loading Pretty. She took a few taps with the dressage whip to get in but wasn't hard to load at all. We went in and out several times. She got better and better backing out and was standing nicely in the trailer sniffing around. Next weekend Tarra is taking Mystic to the Oregon Dressage Society Championship show. When we get home we are going to load her again to reinforce our lesson from this week. 

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