Friday, May 25, 2012


I was talking to Tarra today about all of the progress Pretty has made...and the things that are still a work in progress.

We have made progress in:
-She will now reliably pick up and hold her feet up for me to pick them.
-She is standing quietly (for the most part) in the cross ties
-She can now stand without pawing in the arena while I am switching the lunge line to the other side or when I'm rolling up the lunge line. This is a huge improvement from when I first started lunging her. The moment you stopped her she was pawing, or walking in anxious circles around you.
-She lunges now, and even in side reins! Her voice commands are also getting much better.
-We can clip her whiskers.
-She walks nicely into her stall. She used to stop outside her stall 80% of the time when you were trying to put her in there, now it's more like 20% of the time.

Goals for the next 6 weeks or so:
-Clip her bridle path
-Get her more relaxed about being saddled
-Start trail riding
-Improve her steering, moving off your leg, and transitions.
-Work on trailer loading
-Go to her first schooling show

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