Sunday, May 6, 2012

Steady Progress

Pretty continues to improve. She is gaining weight, her skin is clearing up, and she is learning to be a good girl. I has been working with her conisistnetly this past week. At very least I have been grooming her daily. I found that putting her in cross ties in her stall is much better than tying her with her lead rope to a tie ring. When I do that she squirms all over, looks over the stall wall etc. She is much more quiet standing cross tied and seems to be more settled that way. She is in heat right now but hasn't been too bad. She was happily napping in the field when I went to get her this afternoon. We finally have some sunshine around here. It was a perfect day! I pulled her mane a little bit and gave her a bath.  I really wanted to clip her bridle path but she was totally freaked out about the clippers. Tarra and I worked with her on them for a little while, using the clicker and a bucket of treats. By the end she was touching her nose to the clippers with them on. It's definitely something we need to work on. I've never had a horse that won't clip so we are getting that fixed ASAP. 

Grazing after her bath
April 18th
Today- Looking better?

Cuddling with Mystic and Pretty


  1. Wow! She looks amazing Alanna! I'm so impressed by your ability to work with horses. :)

  2. Thanks Laura! It's amazing what good care can do for a horse.


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