Friday, June 29, 2012

Fancy Pants goes to Devonwood

Pants, April, and I headed off to Devonwood this morning at 6:30am. We were heading to the Arabians in Motion Sporthorse show. Pants was shown in 2 in hand classes. One for half arabians (HA) and anglo-arabian (AA) geldings 1yr or younger with an ametuer handler, and the second one was HA/AA geldings 2 and under. His first class he scored a 70%. He was a little bit excited and trotted during his walk lengthening and cantered during his trot lengthening. Oops! That was really our bad in warming him up, although we had done lots of walking we hadn't trotted him in hand.

For hist second class we did some trot practice and that helped. He was a very good boy for that class and got an amazing score of 87.5%! We didn't stay to see all of the results posted but it was definitely one of the top scores for the day. We are so proud of him. He got a lot of compliments for being a very handsome and well behaved baby.
Can you say gorgeous!?

A great team

Cuddles with Pants

Bringing home the barn colors again. NDF is on a roll!

Pants stretching his legs after a big day at the show.

Yee-haw! Roz missed his pasture buddy.

Isn't he a hunk?

I love my sweet boy.

Sneak Peak

The beautiful horse show grounds today

Thursday, June 28, 2012

We B Stylin

Pants is heading to another horse show tomorrow. This is his 4th horse show. He got all cleaned up and braided this evening. He also got a new sleazy and wore it for the first time. Look at how cute he is!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pretty Update

I got an email regarding Pretty tonight. They said she has settled in well and that they "adore" her. She plans to start seriously training her to play polo after she has gained more weight.

How cool is that!?

Saturday, June 23, 2012


First of all, Roz and Pants are currently turn out buddies. I must say they are 2 of the cutest bay geldings!
Roz loves having friends!
We got to go watch at the Inavale Farm Horse Trial today. There is only one recognized event in Oregon and we are fortunate enough to have it with in 30 minutes of our house. We got out there in time to secure excellent seats for watching the Intermediate riders go cross country. They make it look effortless and we saw a lot of beautiful rider today. The weather stayed nice until the last few rides when it absolutely poured! Thankfully, Tarra is house sitting nearby, so we were able to go throw our jeans in the dryer for 1/2 and hour before heading back to watch our friend and barn-mate, Norma, win her BN division. 

2 soaking wet girls 

Norma accepting her ribbon and prize. Go NDF!

You can view all of my photos here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Full Circle

If you have been following along for a while (or have read Roz's page) you know that I bought Roz has a $600 project pony, sold him, and then bought him back 6 years ago. The first time I met him he was boarded at NDF. That was before I ever knew April or boarded at their barn. Now, 9 years later Roz is back in his original stall at NDF. I moved him up there tonight since Pretty is gone. This will allow me to spend more time riding him this summer before he retires. I have seen him trotting twice in the last few days and he is still "off." It's mild but definitely still there. It does reinforce my decision to retire him but it's also kind of sad, since you always hold out that one last hope that they will be fine.

He's such a gorgeous pony

Monday, June 18, 2012


Miss Pretty left for her new home tonight. She will be living on a horse and cattle ranch in Yakima. They plan to put 45 days on her and expect to be pushing cattle on her by the time she is done. There daughter said she would give her plenty of love and apple cookies! I should be getting updates on her and I will pass them along.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


This past week has been crazy! I have been working Pretty consistently the last week and she is really beginning to make progress. I long lined her again on Thursday and we cantered both directions. It went pretty well to the left but when we were cantering to the right and bucked and the line flipped up under her tail. Of course she clamped her tail down on it and took off. After running around for 3 circles she decided that stopping would be the best option. I thought that was smart of her. Once she stopped I helped her out with the line and we went back to work. She still wanted to buck that direction but did finally settle into a nice canter and so she got to quit. Yesterday I just lunged her in side reins. She came in and stood quietly in her stall while I got her ready. After we lunged I took her in the wash rack to hose her off and she stood with her foot rested while I did that. That is the first time she has ever really chilled in the wash rack. I was super happy about that. She got today off as I was super busy but she goes back to work tomorrow. I have someone coming to look at her on Monday and may potentially have someone looking at her Tuesday night as well.

Annie May got her annual hair cut today. She is such a good dog. I can shave her with out restraining her at all. She's quite patient about it and I actually think she enjoys her summer hair cut.

After her bath she decided to try being a lap dog

The towel is by far the best part of a bath

It's so much fun to play with...and getting dried off is kinda nice too. 

I found out tonight that Adrienne Lyle and Wizard are going to the Olympics! A group of our barn saw their freestyle at Devonwood last year. It was incredible. Here's the link

I saw this online a few nights ago and think it is so true! Sometimes you wonder why you even bother but the thought of walking away just doesn't work either.

Somewhere behind the rider you've become,
the hours of practice you have put in, 
the coaches that have pushed you, 
the hard falls you've taken, 
the money you have spent, 
the long distances you've hauled, 
the "normal" things you've given up,
the strides, the sweat, the tears, the blood, 
the blisters, the ripped jeans, 
the suede chaps on 100 degree summer days, 
the lame horse, the crazy horse, 
the "are you serious?" horse and everything in between,
Somewhere behind all of this is a little girl who fell in love with the sport, 
the horse, the idea, and never looked back

Monday, June 11, 2012

Much Better

Miss Pretty Line was so much better today. She came in from the pasture settled and happy. She stood quietly for her grooming and even while I saddled her. I fed her cookies while I did it as we are still not sure what is causing a problem with that. I really haven't had a problem with it since the first time but I am being careful all the same. Once I had her outfitted we headed out to the arena for some work. She was quiet and well behaved. After lunging nicely both directions I decided to try long lining her. I got her all settled, asked her to go, and she took off! She was getting twisted in the lines and opted to just let her go. She skittered to the end of the arena before coming to a stop and backing away from the lines. I continued to talk to her and she allowed me to help her out. I told Tarra, "I'm going to try that again." We got set up and I asked her to walk on. She decided instead of running off she just wasn't going to move. We made slow progress around for about half circle before I was able to get her back to where my whip was. With a little encouragement she took off trotting and I thought we might have another explosion. Thankfully I was able to stay with her and she settled back down. With in 10 minutes of the whole thing starting she was long lining both directions pretty nicely at the walk and trot. We didn't attempt the canter. I think we will save that for another day. I was pleased with how quickly she caught on, and that she trusted me to help her out when she was freaked out.

Tarra offered to pony her down the road with Mystic when we got done. She was a good girl.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hard to Beat

It's hard to beat this view. Somehow life always looks a little better on the back of a sweet horse. 

Rozzy Ridge and I hit the trails this afternoon for our weekly walk. We encountered some other horses right off the bat and they decided it would be nice to scream at us. Then we saw a guy walking 2 collies and Roz did NOT think those were actually dogs. Silly boy! We ended up scooting past the dogs and trotting off. Although I was mainly just thinking about staying with him and getting stopped he felt good. On our way back down the mountain we ran into a small herd of noisy children that were running at us. Roz did not think that was a good idea and I ended up hopping off. I got back on, on the other side of the entrance gate and we continued on home. It's so nice to get me weekly bareback trail ride in on him. I'm hoping to haul him to trails somewhere maybe next weekend. I really don't have a set plan but it would be kind of fun to explore since I have a trail horse for the summer.

Note to self: do not give Pretty 3 days off in a row. This did not do good things for us today. Apparently she is in heat too so that didn't help. She did not want to be caught so after 5 or 10 minutes of running around the pasture I finally got a hold of her. She was generally pushy and fussy the whole time. The last 10 minutes or so she finally settled down and we had some nice work. Then we practiced some good ground manners before I let her back out into the field.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Show Horse

There is nothing like a weekend at a horse show to make me want my own show horse! I am really looking forward to the day when I have my own horse to ride and show again. I hope that day is coming soon! I have listed Miss Pretty up for sale which is one of the first things I need to have done before being able to get another horse. 2 horses is definitely my limit. Check out Pretty's video.

Tarra and Mystic were the First Level JR/YR Champions yesterday at the ODS show they attended. How cool is that!?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wonderful Day

I took Rozzy Ridge for a nice trail ride this morning. He got his dancin' shoes on Thursday and his feet look great. He was happy to head out on a bareback trail ride this morning and we had a leisurely 40 minute ride. When we got home I braided his mane and loved on him for a while. Then it was off to haul up to ODS League Championships with Tarra and Mystic. It was a fun day watching pretty horses and visiting with friends. Tarra and Mystic won their class and are hoping to pull out another win tomorrow at First Level test 3. When we got home we practiced loading Miss Pretty again. She hopped right in 3 times with out any extra help. We also took some new conformation photos of her.

Part of Team Mystic

Miss Pretty