Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hard to Beat

It's hard to beat this view. Somehow life always looks a little better on the back of a sweet horse. 

Rozzy Ridge and I hit the trails this afternoon for our weekly walk. We encountered some other horses right off the bat and they decided it would be nice to scream at us. Then we saw a guy walking 2 collies and Roz did NOT think those were actually dogs. Silly boy! We ended up scooting past the dogs and trotting off. Although I was mainly just thinking about staying with him and getting stopped he felt good. On our way back down the mountain we ran into a small herd of noisy children that were running at us. Roz did not think that was a good idea and I ended up hopping off. I got back on, on the other side of the entrance gate and we continued on home. It's so nice to get me weekly bareback trail ride in on him. I'm hoping to haul him to trails somewhere maybe next weekend. I really don't have a set plan but it would be kind of fun to explore since I have a trail horse for the summer.

Note to self: do not give Pretty 3 days off in a row. This did not do good things for us today. Apparently she is in heat too so that didn't help. She did not want to be caught so after 5 or 10 minutes of running around the pasture I finally got a hold of her. She was generally pushy and fussy the whole time. The last 10 minutes or so she finally settled down and we had some nice work. Then we practiced some good ground manners before I let her back out into the field.

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