Monday, June 11, 2012

Much Better

Miss Pretty Line was so much better today. She came in from the pasture settled and happy. She stood quietly for her grooming and even while I saddled her. I fed her cookies while I did it as we are still not sure what is causing a problem with that. I really haven't had a problem with it since the first time but I am being careful all the same. Once I had her outfitted we headed out to the arena for some work. She was quiet and well behaved. After lunging nicely both directions I decided to try long lining her. I got her all settled, asked her to go, and she took off! She was getting twisted in the lines and opted to just let her go. She skittered to the end of the arena before coming to a stop and backing away from the lines. I continued to talk to her and she allowed me to help her out. I told Tarra, "I'm going to try that again." We got set up and I asked her to walk on. She decided instead of running off she just wasn't going to move. We made slow progress around for about half circle before I was able to get her back to where my whip was. With a little encouragement she took off trotting and I thought we might have another explosion. Thankfully I was able to stay with her and she settled back down. With in 10 minutes of the whole thing starting she was long lining both directions pretty nicely at the walk and trot. We didn't attempt the canter. I think we will save that for another day. I was pleased with how quickly she caught on, and that she trusted me to help her out when she was freaked out.

Tarra offered to pony her down the road with Mystic when we got done. She was a good girl.

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