Saturday, June 16, 2012


This past week has been crazy! I have been working Pretty consistently the last week and she is really beginning to make progress. I long lined her again on Thursday and we cantered both directions. It went pretty well to the left but when we were cantering to the right and bucked and the line flipped up under her tail. Of course she clamped her tail down on it and took off. After running around for 3 circles she decided that stopping would be the best option. I thought that was smart of her. Once she stopped I helped her out with the line and we went back to work. She still wanted to buck that direction but did finally settle into a nice canter and so she got to quit. Yesterday I just lunged her in side reins. She came in and stood quietly in her stall while I got her ready. After we lunged I took her in the wash rack to hose her off and she stood with her foot rested while I did that. That is the first time she has ever really chilled in the wash rack. I was super happy about that. She got today off as I was super busy but she goes back to work tomorrow. I have someone coming to look at her on Monday and may potentially have someone looking at her Tuesday night as well.

Annie May got her annual hair cut today. She is such a good dog. I can shave her with out restraining her at all. She's quite patient about it and I actually think she enjoys her summer hair cut.

After her bath she decided to try being a lap dog

The towel is by far the best part of a bath

It's so much fun to play with...and getting dried off is kinda nice too. 

I found out tonight that Adrienne Lyle and Wizard are going to the Olympics! A group of our barn saw their freestyle at Devonwood last year. It was incredible. Here's the link

I saw this online a few nights ago and think it is so true! Sometimes you wonder why you even bother but the thought of walking away just doesn't work either.

Somewhere behind the rider you've become,
the hours of practice you have put in, 
the coaches that have pushed you, 
the hard falls you've taken, 
the money you have spent, 
the long distances you've hauled, 
the "normal" things you've given up,
the strides, the sweat, the tears, the blood, 
the blisters, the ripped jeans, 
the suede chaps on 100 degree summer days, 
the lame horse, the crazy horse, 
the "are you serious?" horse and everything in between,
Somewhere behind all of this is a little girl who fell in love with the sport, 
the horse, the idea, and never looked back

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