Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm Lovin' It

Let me start this off by saying that Chevy is doing great! He is such a sweet heart and I am really enjoying him. I have been super busy the last week. Friday I had my first real "working" ride on Chevy. He was awesome! I got much better work from him than I did when I tried him out. He was easy to get on the bit and was very willing. We definitely have lots of work to do but I think he is going to be a really enjoyable horse. He had Saturday off work and I lunged him yesterday. When I got to the barn today we were invited to go on a trail ride. I hurried out to the pasture to grab him, and as soon as I started calling he left the other horses and came walking over to the gate. He was great out on the trails. He likes to walk very slowly so I had to remind him that I wanted him to really walk. He improved over the course of the ride and by the time we got home he was walking fairly forward. I'd like to be taking him out close to once a week. The hill work should really help us build his topline. Tomorrow we plan to work in the arena again, then Wednesday he gets his dancin' shoes on and I hope to try jumping him.
His new leather halter came today too! 
Pants went to a horse show this weekend. It was his last one for the year. He is such a super duper good boy. He got excellent scores and lots of nice compliments on being a good baby.
Trotting the triangle
Gorgeous braids done by his mom 
Team NDF after his last class

Friday, July 27, 2012


It's been a crazy week! I feel bad because I haven't gotten to spend as much time with Chevy as I would have liked. At this point he has basically had most of July off work.  He got Sunday off to settle in and I took him out for a walk around the farm on Monday. He was excellent! We toured through the hay fields and down the driveway with out any problems. I was busy Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Thursday I lunged him for our first time. It was a little bit rough to start but he got better as we went on. He's a little on the lazy side so it takes some work to really get him going. He improved quite a bit from start to finish but it's definitely something we will continue to work on.

Tonight was the best yet! We started out with a short lunging session and he was pretty good. I then hopped on for my first real ride on him since my purchase. He was fanatastic!!! He was actually quite a bit better than when I tried him out. You know why he went better? Because I rode him way better! I'm sure you are shocked. :) I find it so hard to ride someone else's horse the minute I get on, with them watching. In my case, the trainer was also giving me instructions that kept me from riding him completely the way I would ride him if left on my own.

 I can tell such a huge difference in my riding in the last couple years. Chevy is a bit less educated than the horses I have been riding recently but because I am better at getting and keeping them on the aids I am able to get much better results from him than I would have a few years ago. We definitely need to keep insisting on him beging forward and prompt off of my leg. I love that he is lazy and willing to just chill out but he definitely needs to learn that when we are working he needs to go. I am looking forward to getting him out and about soon.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


My new horse, Blazon Shields, aka Chevy. He's a 5 year old 15.3hh thoroughbred gelding. I tried him out last weekend and Tarra and I picked him up yesterday. He's super sweet and I think he will be a great horse for me. He seems to have a super good brain which is huge! He was fun to ride, a little on the lazy side but pretty easy. I'm super excited to start working with him. We had a 5 hour trip home yesterday so I opted to give him today off to settle in and work the kinks out. He had a bath today and looks much shinier. Tomorrow he starts back to work, so we'll see what he thinks about that. We have lots of fun plans for the last couple months of summer. We plan to hit up the beach, cross country, and hopefully a couple of shows too. 
The day I tried him out
Getting ready to take him home
He was located on Vashon Island so we had to take a ferry
Getting cleaned up today
Handsome after his bath

Sunday, July 15, 2012


The good side of being "on hold" with several things in life is that you have a chance to really figure out what you want. Since everything fell apart with Roxy, things have been pretty scattered in my horsey life. What do I want to do? How far do I want to go? What does more horse need to be capable of? I have realized, particularly in the last few months, that I totally ride for pleasure. It's fun to take lessons, compete and work to be the best you can be. But in the end, it's about my relationship with my horse and the enjoyment I get from them. Whether it's moseying down the trail, galloping down the beach, jumping cross country or just walking around the ring chatting with a friend. A good brain is SO important to me. I have loved hopping on Roz the last month and just meandering around the farm, taking in the sunshine and the beautiful area I live in. Lets face it, life is hard enough with out having an expensive hobby that stresses you out! I'm looking forward to having a fun horse to continue to have adventures on.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Last Dancin' Shoes

If all goes as planned, Rozzy Ridge got his last pair of dancin' shoes on today. Once he moves home we are going to pull his shoes and see if we can transition him to being a barefoot pony. I am hopeful that it will work out. He has been barefoot at other times in his life did alright. His current "nikes" are expensive so it would be really nice to be able to decrease our farrier bill. I spoke with the farrier about it today and was really glad to hear that he is willing to keep working on him, even if he is only getting trimmed. He was recommended to me by the veterinarian who has seen Roz at OSU and is familiar with the problems we are dealing with. Since he mainly does corrective shoeing I wasn't sure if he would want to continue doing Roz if he isn't having the corrective work done. Luckily he is happy to continue!

Since Roz moved up to NDF April has been telling me that Roz has golden eyes. I have to say I've honestly never really paid attention, but they are lighter than a lot of horses. Yesterday I came across this. Scroll down to the close up head shot, and read above. Those are Roz's eyes! He is a Seattle Slew grandson. How cool is that!?!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

So Many Things to Do

Tarra and I are starting to make a list of all of the horse things we want to do. Like more trail riding, going to the beach, jumping lessons and of course horse shows! Sounds fun, doesn't it!? We went on a nice trail ride this afternoon with Roz and Mystic. The sunny weather has finally arrived and it feels good to be outside!