Sunday, July 15, 2012


The good side of being "on hold" with several things in life is that you have a chance to really figure out what you want. Since everything fell apart with Roxy, things have been pretty scattered in my horsey life. What do I want to do? How far do I want to go? What does more horse need to be capable of? I have realized, particularly in the last few months, that I totally ride for pleasure. It's fun to take lessons, compete and work to be the best you can be. But in the end, it's about my relationship with my horse and the enjoyment I get from them. Whether it's moseying down the trail, galloping down the beach, jumping cross country or just walking around the ring chatting with a friend. A good brain is SO important to me. I have loved hopping on Roz the last month and just meandering around the farm, taking in the sunshine and the beautiful area I live in. Lets face it, life is hard enough with out having an expensive hobby that stresses you out! I'm looking forward to having a fun horse to continue to have adventures on.

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