Friday, July 27, 2012


It's been a crazy week! I feel bad because I haven't gotten to spend as much time with Chevy as I would have liked. At this point he has basically had most of July off work.  He got Sunday off to settle in and I took him out for a walk around the farm on Monday. He was excellent! We toured through the hay fields and down the driveway with out any problems. I was busy Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Thursday I lunged him for our first time. It was a little bit rough to start but he got better as we went on. He's a little on the lazy side so it takes some work to really get him going. He improved quite a bit from start to finish but it's definitely something we will continue to work on.

Tonight was the best yet! We started out with a short lunging session and he was pretty good. I then hopped on for my first real ride on him since my purchase. He was fanatastic!!! He was actually quite a bit better than when I tried him out. You know why he went better? Because I rode him way better! I'm sure you are shocked. :) I find it so hard to ride someone else's horse the minute I get on, with them watching. In my case, the trainer was also giving me instructions that kept me from riding him completely the way I would ride him if left on my own.

 I can tell such a huge difference in my riding in the last couple years. Chevy is a bit less educated than the horses I have been riding recently but because I am better at getting and keeping them on the aids I am able to get much better results from him than I would have a few years ago. We definitely need to keep insisting on him beging forward and prompt off of my leg. I love that he is lazy and willing to just chill out but he definitely needs to learn that when we are working he needs to go. I am looking forward to getting him out and about soon.

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